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Internship 2024 Details TBA

We are excited to announce for the first time ever we are offering an internship program! 

Internship runs from September 1st - January 1st. 

Housing, food, and travel expenses included. 

Previous hunting experience is preferred but not required. 

    ⁃    learn to produce outdoor television and media 

    ⁃    learn video production and photography 

    ⁃    learn social media content creation 

    ⁃    learn & capture live in the field action 

You will be working one on one with the owner Tyler Bentley of the rise hunt. Tyler has 15 years of video and graphic design knowledge. You will also be working alongside some large brands inside the hunting industry for special projects. 

If you have ever wanted to take your creative skills to the next level this is the opportunity you have been searching for. 

Fill out the form below if you are interested.


(Must be willing to relocate to Genessee county Michigan for duration of internship.  Over the 3-month period 2 months will be spent traveling and hunting, filming and producing content in a handful of different states in environments. )

Apply for internship here!

Do you ever go hunting?
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