Archery Trade Show 2019

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Archery Trade Show 2019


What’s up guys.

I figured I would drop a quick update with what’s going on with the RISE currently!

We just had the opportunity to visit the ATA show in Louisville Kentucky, A: to help one of our awesome sponsors (Badlands Packs) and B: to meet with a few potential sponsors and meet up with some friends of the industry! I (Tyler) Matt, and Alex drove down roughly 7 hours from Michigan on Thursday night to Louisville. Driving down we chatted about the event and what the next few days would bring as we have never attended this show in the past. Upon arrival we met up with Blake, from Badlands Packs and had the chance to help them load up 300 free goodie bags and setup for the event they put on each year called the Badlands Film Festival; where the country’s best film makers in the outdoor industry produce a short film to be judged by the crowd.

Alex, Tyler, and Matt at the Badlands Packs Booth!

The Next couple of days the event consisted of meeting with industry people and companies discussing partnerships with the RISE for 2019, goals, and hunting. I must say we are super stoked to announce a couple of new partners who jumped on board with us including Xpedition Archery, and Plot 1 Seed!

It goes without saying that the people in the outdoor industry are truly great people and are awesome to be around and talk with. We are super blessed to be able to be a part of this industry where we all share one common interest.

Davey Stuckey 200+" Whitetail he Killed this season!

Back to the series, we have been working hard on our YouTube series this season, it took a TON of work to document and produce the amount of content we did. But this up coming season we plan on sharing even more content. We learned a huge amount about what it takes to come together as a team and lay down footage of deer, running social pages, managing content for sponsors and much more. Its safe to say we built a very great foundation for the RISE this season, and next year should we should really be able to focus on the creative side and push out some sick content. We have our work cut out for ourselves but all of us are beyond motivated going into 2019.

Our Segment Series On YouTube!

I couldn’t believe the amount of people we met who have viewed our work, and all of the positive feedback is beyond motivating and we are using that as fuel for this season to hit the ground running.

Whitetail Legacy Podcast Dudes!

Segment 6 of our series is scheduled to drop this week and we hope you guys like it! Hit the like and subscribe button if you are viewing on YouTube, it would mean the world to us! PS- I am not much of a blogger, Matt, and Alex I’m sure will be dropping some way better literature here in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that as well. I was just looking to give everyone an update with what we have been up to! Big Thanks to Badlands Packs for all of the help you have given us going into the new season! They have big plans of expanding their whitetail line of apparel and I am sure you wont want to miss it!

Thanks for reading and god bless!

-Tyler Bentley / Co Founder of The Rise Hunt

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